Skeptics in the Pub depends upon the generosity of our guest speakers, who are paid expenses but not a fee. Their comfort, convenience and safety are therefore our priority while they are providing their time.

Sheffield Skeptics in the Pub undertake to guarantee the following to all of our guest speakers.

  • All expenses will be settled before the guest speaker leaves the venue.
  • As a minimum, expenses will include the guest speaker’s travel to and from the venue and their refreshments throughout the evening of the talk.
  • By agreement in advance of the event, a meal and hotel or other overnight accommodation will be provided by the group.
  • By agreement, travel costs, which may include train/bus tickets or taxi fares, can be provided in advance so that the guest speaker does not incur upfront costs.

If a guest speaker does not feel that the above items have been carried out to their satisfaction, they can contact any member of SSitP who will endeavour to see that the matter is resolved to the satisfaction of the guest speaker