Michael Granville

Monday, May 21 2018 at 7:30PM

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Farm Road
South Yorkshire S2 2TP

(Press the buzzer to be let in. We are in the back room of the Club.)

Michael Granville

What's the talk about?

Mike Granville was educated and brought up entirely in the Catholic tradition. He attended a primary school run by nuns and a secondary school run by De la Salle brothers. At that time, the church paid most (about 85%) of the cost of running the schools. That has changed and faith schools are now fully funded by the state.

Now a Secular-Humanist Mike Granville campaigns for an end to state funding of Faith Schools.

The government has channelled increasing funds to faith schools over the last twenty years. This continues despite the continued decline in church attendance. Mike will look at figures and see how the law has been set up to support an openly discriminatory system in school admissions.