Agata Debowska

Monday, November 26 2018 at 7:30PM

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Farm Road
South Yorkshire S2 2TP

(Press the buzzer to be let in. We are in the back room of the Club.)

Agata Debowska

What's the talk about?

Psychopathy is one of the oldest known mental disorders. Although the concept of psychopathy is of interest to many researchers and practitioners, an agreed definition of the disorder does not exist. More specifically, as long as researchers tend to agree that psychopaths are characterised by callous affect, lack of empathy, and manipulativeness, the inclusion of criminal and antisocial behaviour as a fundamental component of the disorder is highly controversial. In this talk, Dr Agata Debowska will discuss the concept of psychopathy, introduce the newly developed Psychopathic Personality Traits Model (PPTM), and present some of her research findings on measuring and profiling psychopathic traits among forensic and non-forensic populations.

Dr Agata Debowska is a Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Sheffield. Her current research interests and publications focus predominantly on child abuse and neglect, gender-based violence, psychopathy, criminal social identity, and prisonization. She has published extensively and presented her research findings at international public lectures and conferences. Agata is an Associate Editor in Frontiers in Psychology (Forensic and Legal Psychology section) and a member of the None in Three (Ni3) Research Centre.